January 24, 2013
For Immediate Release
Mara Hartmann
Entergy Mississippi, Inc.
Entergy Mississippi and United Way Remind Customers ’You’ve Earned It!’

Volunteers prepared to help Mississippians claim tax credits

JACKSON, Miss. – Taxes are top of mind for most people this time of year. In Mississippi alone, more than $1 billion of federal Earned Income Tax Credits go unclaimed. According to the Internal Revenue Service, many qualified workers fail to file for the tax credit.

Entergy Mississippi is trying to change that. The company has partnered with United Way of the Capital Area to remind Mississippians that “You’ve Earned It!” and to help qualified residents get their share of these refunds.

Entergy employees and United Way volunteers will support Mississippi’s Super Tax Day on Saturday, February 2 by helping residents who earn $50,000 or less determine if they qualify for the tax benefits. If they do, volunteers will help file the tax returns free of charge from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Metrocenter Mall. Qualified residents could receive $3,000 or more in Earned Income Tax Credits. Entergy and the United Way are providing these services as part of their commitment to help residents get the tax credits they have earned. In Mississippi the Foundation for the Mid-South estimates that 600,000 people qualify for the tax credit, but do not claim it.

“Within the region Entergy serves are some of the highest poverty rates in the nation,” said Gloria Johnson, Entergy Mississippi director of customer service. “Many of our friends and neighbors struggle just to get by every day. By helping these Mississippians get the tax credits they’ve earned, we can meet our commitment to help them become more self-sufficient.”

“Statistics show that without tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, child poverty could rise,” said Johnson “Through the ‘You’ve Earned It!’ campaign, Entergy and United Way volunteers intend to direct more of these federal tax dollars to residents.”

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